Tuesday, 21 May 2013

it gets more confusing everyday.

i thought as i had given you a tour of my uni room  (after allot of unpacking) thought it was time to do one of my essex bedroom, so welcome along and enjoy being nosey!
i love having lots of pictures, tickets and letters on my pinboards as well as cards dotted round my room (it was my birthday yesterday so more cards than usual) 

i hope you enjoyed having a peek at my room, i tired to take a nice picture of my bed but the light wasn't working but i have this bad boy (i call it the princess bed) 
just realised i own quite a few pink things, i'm not even a pink kind of girl....
also the moose (i think he's a moose) is called bruce, he's a fruity kinda guy and watches over me when i sleep.
as it was my birthday yesterday i thought i might do a little post/video on the things i got?
and fingers crossed i can pick up my iPhone tomorrow!!
love livvy
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