Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Look of the Day: Church Windows & Statement Heels

Or should I better call this outfit Church Windows & Statement Heels & Cyclop Sunnies & Baseball Cap? I have no idea how I managed to mix all this into an outfit, but somehow I did and people even complimented me on what I'm wearing :)

I'm back from a really long weekend in Warsaw and I have a couple more outfits to show you so stay tuned!

I'm wearing:

Jacket - VJstyle 
Shirt - Chicnova 
Shorts and heels - Zara
Cap and necklace - H&M
Bag and sunnies - Asos

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Monday, 29 April 2013

i watch my mind try and work things out.

1. new letters for my door at uni

2. cheeky new necklace for my families seventies party 

3. my babe on the front of vogue

4. my favourite make up wipes

5. current read

a few new purchases, how cute are the letters!
i've had quite a few days away from so'ton from staying in london with jay and then up to norfolk for a family party (six hours of travelling on sunday, bleugh)
but it was so lovely to see my eyebrow gang again and meet some new some additions to the family
currently eating my pick'n'mix from the pinterest party and trying to stay awake for made in chelsea (in a bit of chilli con carne coma) 
love livvy

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Cravings: Statement Necklaces

(images via VivaLuxury, Lovely Pepa, Sincerely, Jules, Kayture, Gary Pepper, Honestly WTF, The Blonde Salad and various tumblrs)

Until very recently I used to be the kind of person who would always put on lots of jewelry and then take it off before leaving home just because it's too much. I don't know what happened to me but I keep drooling over these crystal/chain necklaces that I see all over the web, so I couldn't help but invest in a gorgeous statement necklace from J.Crew, which I can't wait to receive. Check out what else I found! 
1. ASOS Queen Cameo Necklace | 2. Limited Edition Angel Wing Necklace | 3. ASOS Crocodile Queen Necklace
1. ASOS Spring Stone Necklace | 2.ASOS Multipack Mix Jewel Necklaces  | 3. ASOS Jewelled Punk Spike Necklace
1. ASOS Jewel & Coin Necklace | 2. ASOS Necklace with Bug Detail | 3. Krystal Swarovski Vintage Style Necklace
1. J.Crew Crystal-encrusted necklace in white | 2. J.Crew compilation necklace | 3.  J.Crew Crystal collage necklace
1. J.Crew Color collage statement necklace | 2. J.Crew Fan fringe necklace | 3. J.Crew Color mix statement necklace
1. Topshop Velvet Bead Stick Collar | 2. Topshop Layered Chain Wrap Necklace | 3. Topshop Premium Swirl Rhinestone Collar
1. Mango Crystal transparent necklace| 2. Faceted stones bib necklace | 3.  Mango Crystal cluster choker
1. Mango Necklace | 2. Mango TOUCH Crystals beetle necklace | 3. Mango Necklace

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Friday, 26 April 2013

you know i can soothe your pain.

yesterday i was a very lucky blogger and attended the pinterest #pinitforward party which was really fun!
when i arrived i was pretty terrified because i didn't know anyone who was going and i've only ever been to one event.
 once it got in i met some blogging babes; steph, emma and charlotte and had fun talking about food, weddings and blogging as well as lots of laughter with them. steph and i went into the video booth and proceeded to talk more about food! 
there was lots of lovely food and cocktails being offered all throughout the evening (totally regret having dinner before) 
we also decorated cake pops (so so yummy) and shot glasses, my moustache is slightly wonkily drawn on...
thank you so much for having me pinterest i had a wonderful time!
love livvy

Look of the Day: Denim Dungarees

These overalls have been waiting in my closet for a couple months now and finally the weather cooperated. I also wanna try wearing them as pants with the straps hanging loose, let's see how that turns out.

As you're reading this I'm on my way to Poland for a weekend with friends. Also, I've been on an online-shopping-only diet for quite a while, so I can't wait to hit the stores!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

I'm wearing:

Jacket - Tideshe
Dungarees - Asos  (sold out, but great options here, here and here)
Shirt - StyleMint
Clutch - Bershka
Heels - Zara 
Necklace - Forever21
Watch - Michael Kors
Sunnies - Asos


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